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Frequently Asked Questions

Quick References:

  • For customer account information; to request new service; request a change in service; or to register a complaint, contact City of Georgetown Customer Care at (512) 930-3640 or email
  • To add an additional trash or recycling cart, or to replace or exchange an existing trash or recycling cart, please City of Georgetown Customer Care at (512) 930-3640 or email
  • Any concerns about a missed trash or recycling pick-up, or to schedule a bulky waste pick-up please call Texas Disposal Systems at 512-930-1715.

What Are My Collection Days?

Are you wondering when your trash, recycling, or yard waste will be picked-up? Please just click the image below for information about your collection days.


 New To The Area? Just Moved In?

Congratulations on your choice of moving to beautiful Georgetown, Texas. To make your move in a bit easier, we’ve answered some commonly asked questions from new residents; click the image to learn more.



What To Do With Medical Sharps…

Many citizens routinely use injectable medications and end up with needles and syringes. There are a couple of options regarding proper disposal of medical sharps.

– Most pharmacies sell prepaid mail ready sharps containers that can hold up to 300 syringes for as little as seven (7) dollars. This is a great option that provides a cost-effective and safe solution to rid of your medical sharps.

– Under Texas law from the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ) you may also dispose of your medical sharps in your household trash.

Just click this link to get an instant download sheet from the TCEQ explaining how to properly package and safely dispose of medical sharps within your household trash cart ->  TCEQ Medical Sharps

Do You Have Used Cooking Oil That Needs To Be Recycled?

To safely dispose of used cooking oil, let the oil cool then place into a container with a lid. Take the material to the City of Georgetown Transfer Station located at 250 WL Walden Rd., Georgetown. Click here for more information: Transfer Station Hours / Info

Do You Have Old Electronic Devices That Need To Be Recycled?

To safely dispose of electronic recyclables, the Goodwill Store in Georgetown accepts e-recyclables and they can be reached at (512) 868-9547 to inquire about recycling televisions and computer components.

Best Buy in Wolf Ranch shopping center also accepts e-recyclables. Please visit Best Buy’s recycling website for more information about what they recycle:

To locate a TV or computer recycling location near you check out the TCEQ’s website:

Are You Tired Of Receiving Phone Books And Junk Mail?

It’s easy to choose which phone books you receive or to opt-out of all directory deliveries and junk mail. offers a free and easy way for consumers nationwide to limit the number of phone directories they receive, or stop delivery altogether.

Just point your browser to, type in your zip code, and register your delivery information to get started.

It’s safe and secure, and has never been easier to customize directory delivery. offers a free and easy way for consumers nationwide to limit the amount of junk mail, catalogs, coupons, credit card offers, circulars and more they receive, too.

Just point your browser to, and register your information to get started.

This program is also safe and secure, and will greatly help reduce the amount of unwanted items coming to your mailbox.

Click the image below for more information about how you can participate in America Recycles Day ideas and events. 

America Recycles Day

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