Curbside Yard Trimmings Collection Program 

Fall time is almost here! Yard trimmings are picked up concurrent with your 1st recycle pickup of the month, all year round. You are allowed to set out up to 20 items: Kraft paper lawn bags, bundled branches, or containers marked “yard trimmings” with your home address. Here is the link to our program page: curbside-yard-trimming-collections

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City of Georgetown Residential Programs

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City of Georgetown Community Recycling Locations

Do you have too much to recycle? Need to drop some recycling off before your curbside collection day?

The City of Georgetown has 3 convenient locations for residents to drop off recycling at, for no-charge. Just click the image below to be taken to our new map showing all of our drop-off recycling locations.

Click on the image for the City of Georgetown Community Recycling dumpster locations