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What are my Collection Days?

Residential Customers There are Three Ways to Find Your Collection Days

(Commercial Customers must call Texas Disposal Systems directly at 512-930-1715 to find out collection days)

Use our widget!

View Your Area on a Map

Click on the map image below then enter your home address at the top left of the page in the search bar. (You must enter you address to obtain your specific service days as there are many different routes within our City)

Review the Charts

First step:  Find your street here on the Georgetown Street List; once you’ve found your street, note the service chart number listed. (service charts are numbered #1 through #9).

Second step: Now that you have your service chart number (service charts are numbered #1 through #9) now scroll through the Service Schedules listed below to find your collection days.

  • For example, if you live on Bass street, see Chart #8 which is Friday – Tan week.
  • Your household recycle days (in tan) for December 2015 would be 11th, 26th
  • Your yard trimmings recycle day (in red) for December 2015 would be the 11th

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