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New Solid Waste & Recycling Rates


On September 13, 2022 the first reading of an ordinance amending Section 13.04.180, “Rates and Charges–Solid Waste Disposal–Schedule” of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Georgetown was presented to City Council.

On, September 27, 2022 the second reading of an Ordinance amending Section 13.04.180, “Rates & Charges — Solid Waste Disposal – Schedule” of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Georgetown was presented and adopted by City Council.

An annual solid waste operations rate increase is included in the City of Georgetown’s contract with Texas Disposal Systems. The rate increase request is based on an industry formula and is capped at 4%. For 2023, TDS requested and received a 4% rate increase. The overall rate also includes funding for billing and administrative services, as well as services provided by other City departments.

2023 Solid Waste Rates


  1. Why are rates changing?
    • The solid waste & recycling contract approved in 2020 has a ten (10) year term limit which ends in 2030. City Council evaluated several term options, but in the end renegotiate a contract with TDS. This contract has a built in formula for calculating the cost of operational expenses.
  1. How does the new contract affect the services I receive as a customer?
      • Customers will continue to receive the same consistent & dependable service they’ve come to expect.
  1. What are the new residential rates?
      • Tier I: $21.71 (customers within City limits)
      • Tier II: $32.18 (customers in Municipal Utility Districts (MUDs) that are contractually obligated to use City services)
      • Tier III: $30.03 (customers in Municipal Utility Districts (MUDs) that are NOT contractually obligated to use City services)
      • Tier IV: $30.03 (customers in the City’s ETJ or rural areas)
  1. What services are included for Tier I & Tier II residential customers?
      • Weekly curbside solid waste collection
      • Bi-weekly curbside recycling collection
      • Quarterly household hazardous waste disposal. Email to register.
      • Monthly curbside yard trimming collection. Residents may also drop off 3 cubic yards of yard trimmings at the Transfer Station each month located at 250 WL Walden Road
      • Four time a year bulky waste pickup
      • Medication Kiosk drop off in the lobby of the Public Safety building located at 3500 DB Wood Road

5. Why is there a price/service difference between residential in-city and residential outside-city limit customers?

      • In-city residents contribute directly to the City via city property taxes, while residents outside the City limits do not pay City property taxes.

6. What is offered for commercial customers and what are the rates?

      • The City offers commercial landfill trash and recycling services for collection up to 5 days a week. To view rates, see page 2 of 2023 Solid Waste Rates

7. What is the “Right Sizing” Program?

      • A program offered by the Environmental Services Department which reviews your current dumpster services, and analyzes your refuse to determine if you are using the optimum sized dumpster and service frequency.  It also evaluates whether you could benefit by adding recycling service to your account. Contact us today at 512-930-8131 to learn more.

8. What is the Solid Waste Master Plan?

      • The Solid Waste Master Plan is a strategic document that will determine how the City will manage its municipal solid waste stream over the next 20 years. Planning and implementing an integrated solid waste management program is a complex and challenging endeavor. An outside consulting firm will be assisting the City through this process.  Solid Waste Master Plan.
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