Georgetown Recycle & Solid Waste

Household Hazardous Waste


Next Collection Event: 

Date: September 21, 2024
Time: 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Location: Georgetown Municipal Complex, 300-1 Industrial Ave.


TO REGISTER: Email Customer Care at or call (512) 930-3640.

Residents can help us have successful and efficient events by following these simple rules: 

1. Residents must show an ID matching the name or address of their active utility bill with a current and active Georgetown solid waste account.

2. Residents must stay in their cars at all times. For safety reasons the collection will be “no contact.” Staff must be able to unload items from the trunk or back seat of the vehicle.

3. All items must be in marked (preferred) original containers. The City cannot take unknown items or chemicals primarily because unknown chemicals must be handled separately from other material(s) and must be tested to determine what it is before final disposal.

4. No commercial disposal

5. No trailers

Acceptable Disposal Items:
Batteries (household), hearing aids, cell phone etc.
Automobile batteries
Pool and spa chemicals
Used oil/oil filters- up to five gallons per vehicle
Transmission fluid
Light bulbs including 4’ florescent, curly, regular
Over-the-counter, home lawn and garden chemicals (no professional, concentrated chemicals that require a professional license to mix)
Household cleaners & disinfectants marked caution, warning, or poison
Art and hobby chemicals
Paint- up to 10 gallons per vehicle
Gasoline- up to five gallons per vehicle
Fire Extinguishers
1 lb. Propane Tanks
Helium Tanks
Smoke Detectors

Non-Acceptable Items (will be turned away)
Unmarked containers or unknown chemicals
Construction, commercial or landscape waste
Propane tanks larger then 1 lb.
Medical or pharmaceutical
Oxygen tanks
Explosives including ammunition and fireworks
Radioactive materials
Biological materials


What is household hazardous waste?

Many common products used in the home and garden are considered household hazardous waste. Products are often labeled with words such as caution, toxic, poison, corrosive, or danger.

Household hazardous waste products should never be poured out on the ground, down the drain, or thrown out with regular household garbage. Improper disposal can contaminate groundwater and drinking water. These items should also not be placed in residential trash collection carts or placed at the curb for pickup. It can injure those who come into contact with the waste.

In FY2023 the City of Georgetown collected approximately 94,854 pounds of household hazardous waste for proper disposal

Other HHW Disposal Options: 

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