Georgetown Recycle & Solid Waste

Solid Waste Master Plan (SWMP)


Developing a Solid Waste Master Plan (SWMP) for the City of Georgetown (City) represents a critical step to determine how the City will manage its municipal solid waste stream over the next 20 years. Planning and implementing an integrated solid waste management program is a complex and challenging endeavor encompassing a host of issues: technological, institutional, legal, social, economic and environmental.

Furthermore, as cities throughout the US pursue solutions to their solid waste management challenges, it is increasingly apparent that no single method, technology, or program offers a complete solution; rather, a combination of methods is needed to provide for appropriate and cost-effective management of specific types of waste in accordance with the unique properties of these various waste stream components.

Recognizing this, as well as the benefits of a more integrated approach, the City is developing a SWMP that provides the vision and framework to guide future activities and to develop the infrastructure, programs and policies needed to manage the City’s solid waste for the next 20 years.

Effective solid waste management plans include:
► Reflecting the planning region’s values and guiding principles for waste management and diversion
► Establishing local waste management planning goals
► Analysis and consideration of reasonable alternatives
► Evaluation of transfer station facility operations and facility improvements
► Development of projections for future transfer station facility needs and options
► Evaluating the existing solid waste and recycling programs, recognizing that the City contracts for services
► Identifying preferred strategies to increase diversion rates

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